The second ride

Elena Maria Ferro

€ 16,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 132
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-666-3

This is the story of a passion. A mature and transgressive passion. The style has no frills and the language is direct, essential and disenchanted. These are intensely romantic pages written by a woman who speaks to women, but with a wink at men. Margherita, the protagonist of this story, finds herself going from the role of a model wife to that of a handmaiden with unbridled desires, a priestess of senses finally liberated, a new bacchante of the Third Millennium. However, her new position of lover is uncomfortable. And unfortunately red roses, the symbol of her love, are full of thorns. As Feltri writes in the preface: «You open this book and are hit by the increasing tension of a certain kind of feminine eroticism – up until now, unknown to me and, I imagine, to most of the male sex – that sweeps through the pages like a Caribbean hurricane, it slips through the lines and the writing as if it were a woman’s hand rising from the book and touching the reader’s skin almost carnally. […] This novel enthrones passion as an unstoppable, totalizing force that breaks down the doors of modesty, conformity and education».

The author
Maria Elena Ferro is the pseudonym of a youngster in her sixties who decided to tell the story of a mature love.

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