Vasco All Areas

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 216
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Every fan dreams of having one, because with an all areas pass around your neck you can get into any nick and cranny of the “concert-machine”: from behind the scenes to the stage, from the musicians’ dressing rooms to the control rooms and the cones of shadow where the backliners are concealed. But, more than anything, the star’s unattainable dressing room. And when the star is Vasco Rossi, the only Italian rocker to inflame the hearts of at least three generations, then this passepartout becomes truly magical. Vasco all areas is the exclusive invitation to a once in a lifetime experience: the Live Kom, guided by the expert eye of Christian Tipaldi, the Kommandant’s official photographer and greatest fan ever. If you’ve wondered for years how a spectacular show like few others comes to life, what are its secret mechanisms and who are the army of experts that make it possible; if you want to know what the atmosphere is like just before the show begins, the tensions, the emotions, the moments of letting loose, the rituals and habits of Vasco and his group, then these pages and photos will reveal everything. At the same time, they’ll give you another show just as contemporary and dazzling: the stands exploding in unison, of the diehard fans who would follow Vasco to the ends of the earth, the “regulars” always ready to get and give back those passionate vibrations. Date after date, city after city, the author’s lens and words capture the moments, gestures and expressions that compose the portrait of a unique Vasco, suspended between the man and the persona. “Mental shots”, audacious shots that succeed in immortalizing that inextricable entanglement of collective and intimate emotions. A journey among lights, electric cables, decibels, costumes, made even more suggestive by curiosities, impressions and the most private anecdotes of the tour that for the first time are narrated by all the members of Vasco’s band – Clara Moroni, the Gallo, Alberto Rocchetti, Stef Burns, Vince Pastano, Andrea Innesto, Will Hunt, Frank Nemola – and enriched by Vasco Rossi, Red Ronnie and Diego Spagnoli’s marvellous dedications.

The author
Christian Tipaldi (Rome, 1972), a journalist and photographer, collaborates with numerous national and international agencies and dailies. He is a member of Tau Visual, the national association of professional photographers, has published various photography books and is director of the World Magazine, an online newspaper dealing with entertainment, culture and photography with branches in Rome, New York and Bangkok. For over twenty years he has followed (and still does) Vasco Rossi’s 145 concerts and many tours. He is the author of two official multi-medial books about the artist, Vasco Live Kom 014 Tour and Vasco Live Kom 015 Tour, both of which attained extraordinary editorial success.

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