Men to avoid

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 224
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-654-0

«My father always told me that three men are indispensable in every woman’s life: husband, lover and loyal cavalier. But my only long-lasting relationship were with beaus - no trace of the others» says the author. But we know that the others aren’t made anymore like they used to be; moreover they’re a dying species. In this hilarious and irreverent catalogue of men, or pseudo men, that Valeria has encountered, it’s hard to find just one decent one. There are tapir-men, disposable-men, stop-gap men, ape-men in a bottle, rabbit and jaguar humanoids, scavenger and doormat runts… And that’s not all, there are insane, wild, vain, ridiculous, presumptuous, lying, pusillanimous, total loser, complicated, depressed, stupid, etc. men…and so on and so forth. This is the epic of a ranking single in Milan, a natural at getting into every kind of actual or potential mishap existing in a range of ten kilometres, with most incredible almost human beings still active in the huge cauldron of Milan and in other places too. True stories from a life spent looking for the right man, only to discover that, at bottom, they’re all wrong. Or that maybe she hasn’t been looking in the right place.

The author
Valeria Poggi Longostrevi, born in Milan in 1970, has been a dancer, a singer and an actress. Her book Come una lumaca quando piove published in 2008. Currently, she lives in Milan, is an entrepreneur in the field of cosmetics and diagnostic and cosmetic medicine and does PR for various wellness centres.

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