Stories about bad taste

Giovanni Raspini, Francesco Maria Rossi

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 232
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-649-6

Bad taste as the paradigm of being. As a primary and spasmodic exigency to communicate, to be accepted at any cost, to make a good impression by any means whatsoever. Bad taste is what no one admits but everyone practices. This is what is dealt with here without haughtiness or moralizing, but with more than a hint of a healthy, cynical sense of humour and more than a few smiles. At home, at work, during free time or on vacation. In everyday life, in politics, at table, in bed or shopping. Thirty-three short stories, that could even have been thirty-three thousand, because from the bathroom furnishings to the bonbonnière, from compulsive hoarding to souvenirs from country fairs, from open air sex to the firstborn’s name, from practical jokes played by a group of friends to the morning defecation ritual, there is no angle of our living immune to bad taste, or its various off-shoots like kitsch, trash and camp. But let’s be clear, not one of us should feel superior to all this. That is the gentle warning of the two authors: «We’ve ridden the wave of emotion and even surpassed others’ beauty. We’ve been baptized in the hellish and divine river of bad taste. Because, dear friends, without a drop of that murky, sacred water, not even life itself would exist. No colour, no perfume, and no flavour: only boredom and drabness, for all eternity.»

The authors
Giovanni Raspini, a native of Arezzo, has a degree in architecture. An antiquarian and collector, he has designed houses, furnishings and design objects. Since 1985 he has created silverware and jewellery in his firm in the heart of Valdichiana. He is the author of Argenti toscani del ’700 e dell’800, and in 2014, together with Francesco Maria Rossi, he wrote L ’eleganza del rospo (Cairo).

Francesco Maria Rossi is a journalist, writer, humourist and museum-maker from Tuscany. Eclecticism is what he sees as her real identity. He has promoted the Museum of Kitsch, Trash and Camp and the Self Museum. In 2012 he wrote a collection of short stories, Argenterie Fantastik, and in 2014 she co-authored with Giovanni Raspini L’eleganza del rospo (Cairo).

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