The eyes of the butterfly
A Captain Petrone investigaton

Francesco Mario Oddasso

Publisher: Cairo Editore

Carabineer Captain Gherardo Petrone, a man with a singular past, who adores his family and especially his wife, has to investigate the brutal murder of Flaminia Pelosia, a university student passionate about entomology and at the point of getting her degree. Death by strangling. Her body is found near the Aurelian Wall on the Aventine Hill in Rome. Clues? Hardly any. Witnesses? Just one: Junonia Almana, fondly called JA, a star with yellow and orange wings. But what can a butterfly tell? Petrone and his squad, coordinated by Brigadier Denisi, really believe in JA. There are ten possible suspects identified, thanks to Corporal Dambrosio, who seems to be anything but a carabineer: a computer expert and 24/7 geek; or to Vice-Brigadier Pierotti’s incredible capacity to improvise. A real actor, he’s undercover in smuggling ring of rare butterflies. But it’s always Captain Petrone,, a bit like Maigret and a bit like Sergeant Rocca, who keeps things in hand the old fashioned way with meetings and interrogations, probing into the most intimate psychological aspects of snooty university professors, butterfly collectors, bizarre tattoo artists and provocative women, all involved in the life of provocative Flaminia Pelosio, a life whose mysteries are unveiled little by little Atypical interrogations, not exactly formal acquisition of evidence, more or less dramatic pursuits, and requests for collaboration from other official and unofficial investigators all lead to resolving the case. But there’s always time for unexpected plot twists.

The author
Francesco Mario Oddasso, born in Rome on 27 April 1954, is a papal noble but Milanese by adoption. After the Classics and a degree in Business Management at the Bocconi University, he began work in the banking sector, becaming an executive in a short time. During the course of his professional life, the world of finance began to suffocate him and after thirty years he left it all behind in order to write. This is his first crime novel.
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