Emeralds for breakfast
My seven lives

Marta Marzotto and Laura Laurenzi

€ 16,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 288
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-635-9

Smiling, sunny and ubiquitous with her gala caftans and her exaggerated necklaces, Marta Marzotto, “born free” by her own definition, is an exuberant and irrepressible woman who has lived an incredibly colourful life, better yet, seven lives. Young and heart-stoppingly beautiful, in the Fifties she went from the misery of the Mortara rice paddies to walking on the runways of the most important fashion houses. Like Cinderella, the noble scion of the Marzotto family, Venetian entrepreneurs, noticed her. He fell madly in love with her. But this is not the happy end of a fairy-tale; it is only the beginning. Over the fifteen years together of the most envied couple in Italy, five children were born and the queen of Palazzo Stucky organized dinners, hunts, and get-togethers with bankers, magnates and royalty. However, the gilded cage of the province began to be too small for her, and she was ready for a new life in Rome’s high society. In this new world, so mixed and so special, her salon in Piazza di Spagna became the vibrant centre of Italian culture, politics and big business. But the real heart of these memories is her intense bond with Renato Guttuso, a love that will influence the lives of both and his art for twenty years. He made paintings of her everywhere and wrote her five letters a day. She swept him into a second youth with her contagious vitality. Then one day in January, thirty years ago, the spell was broken and everything changed. The great artist’s end was tinged with mystery, but it was his muse, Marta, who paid the highest price. After the time of excess, passion and glittering notoriety came the time of tears and suffering. Without ever betraying herself, faithful to her hyperboles and superlatives, this intense and sincere book is totally “Marta’s version”.

The authors
Marta Marzotto – born as Marta Vacondio – daughter of a railway signalman and a rice-field worker, was born in Reggio Emilia in 1931 and began to work at a very young age as a dressmaker’s apprentice and then as a model in the high-end tailoring shop of the Aguzzi sisters in Milan. In 1954 she married Count Umberto Marzotto, co-owner of the Marzotto textile industry. Their children were Paola, Annalisa (born in 1957 and died in 1989 of cystic fibrosis) Vittorio, Diamante and Matteo. The guiding spirit of salons, stylist and jewellery designer, she was the artist Renato Guttoso’s muse.

Laura Laurenzi has written about customs and society for the newspaper la Repubblica since 1982. She worked for five years at the newspaper Giorno and is the author of many books, all published by Rizzoli, including her last book: Il giorno più bello - I matrimoni del secolo. The most beautiful day of all – Marriages of the century

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