Surprise seduction

Francesco Marino

€ 14,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 272
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-726-4

Francesco De Bellis, single and set in his ways, is a well-known Milanese lawyer whose only thought is his work. One hot summer day, he accidentally gets hold of an organizer belonging to Stephanie Lagarde, a beautiful and intriguing journalist, who had been sitting across from him on the 2 p.m. Milan-Rome Frecciarossa train. But what initially seems a simple appointment book is really a diary with highly intimate notes that become a proper obsession for Francesco. Day after day, reading those pages increasingly fascinates him until he can think of nothing else. What he reads allows him to see into the soul of a woman, as ruthless as she is beautiful, who struck him to the heart from the moment he saw her. However, the diary is not the only thing the two have in common. Destiny brings them together again on Lake Como to investigate a diamond collector who lives at the top of a cliff in a splendid villa surrounded by mystery. Stephanie has been assigned to interview him for her newspaper; Francesco wants to understand if hiding behind that enigmatic person is a childhood friend and mentor whom he has lost trace of. The investigation is pervaded by intrigues, contradictions and a game of seduction that alternates plot twists with worldly forays to the shores of Lake Como, Taormina, Cannes and Antwerp, with a bottle of Baron de L sipped by candlelight and a sublime dinner in the splendid lake setting of Villa d’Este, where as precious as a red diamond, passion can overturn Francesco’s life. Like a capricious goddess.

The author
Francesco Marino, a Sicilian from Taormina, lives in Milan. A lawyer, he practices civil law, in particular contract law regarding show business and fashion. His first novel was Il Maestro di donne (Baldini & Castoldi) in 2011.

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