The Man I’m Not

Cristina Bellon

€ 15,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 240
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-747-9

Giovanni Tosi, at forty-five, lives a lacklustre life of a petty clerk, with his friends at the cafe, an ex-wife to support, a black giant schnauzer and a woman boss with an obsession for control. After the divorce he went back to live in the small town in the Lombardy countryside where he was born. It’s not very exciting even though it does have a comforting monotony. His lifetime best friend Beppe dies, and Giò, stunned by the pain of it realizes he is terrified by the prospect of too many regrets. This is the beginning of a metamorphosis: if life sends you a signal, it’s up to you to act on it. The change begins with his appearance: getting back into shape and revolutionizing his wardrobe are certainly the first steps for letting the world see him differently. Then, kicking out tranquillity and the hunt for intense emotions, easy money and transgressions begins. Sure, maybe some experiences have a dose of risk, but also the chance to be in seventh heaven. Just don’t ask yourself too many questions. From the rural hinterland crystallized by frost, Giò’s perilous apprenticeship drags him step after step on a voyage of perdition. Until the inevitable and dramatic showdown in a mysterious and violent city in the Caucasus where he finds out that there’s no flying in that new seventh heaven.

The author
Cristina Bellon (Somma Lombardo, 1968) is a writer who moves among various literary genres, from science-fiction to realism, from mysteries to non-fiction. She authored Il futuro spiegato ai ragazzi (Mondadori, 2012, also translated into Spanish), L’ora breve (Gruppo B, 2014, 4th place in the International Literary Award “Vinceremo le malattie gravi” 2015), the short stories “Il giorno del persico” in the anthology Delitti di lago (Morellini, 2015) and “Il prigioniero dell’Ade” in Nuovi delitti di lago (Morellini, 2016). She writes about science and current events for La Stampa, Panorama, Donna Moderna and other magazines. For the online weekly ArcipelagoMilano about politics and culture, she runs the literary column on books.

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