Cooking Italy’s Flavours

Paolo Massobrio & Giovanna Ruo Berchera

€ 14,90
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 352
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-671-7

This book is a guide to discovering the flavours of Italy through its best typical products and 170 recipes. After advice about organizing your pantry and cooking techniques, there are 21 chapters corresponding to the Italian regions. Each region has an introduction by Paolo Massobrio highlighting the places and products that struck him most from the viewpoint of taste, followed by the description of the regional products that are a reference point for Giovanna Ruo Berchera’s recipes which also include pairing whit a wine chosen from the region’s wine cellars. After that, the addresses of the producers cited are given, all taken from the Il Golosario, Paolo Massobrio’s guide to Italy’s good things and a brief glossary of cooking terms used in the book. Finally, two recipe indexes: one by dish and the other alphabetical.

The authors
Paolo Massobrio, 55 years old and a journalist, has dealt for about 30 years with agricultural economics and wine-and-food connoisseurship. He writes for the dailies La Stampa, Avvenire, Italia Oggi and for various periodicals. He is the director of the portal and the magazine Papillon, as well as the author of the bestseller guide Il Golosario. Among the other books published by Comunica are l’Ascolto del vino, Adesso 365 giorni da vivere con gusto, Amati! volersi bene attraverso il cibo, and il Gatti Massobrio, a notebook of Italy’s restaurants. He is the funder and national president of the Club di Papillon, appears on radio and TV and is a judge on the RAI 1 show La Prova del Cuoco. Among his numerous recognitions are the Saint Vincent journalism award and the nomination for the 2015 EXPO Signatures Committee. In addition he worked for the EXPO Italian Pavilion Magazine. Every year, along with his colleague Marco Gatti, he celebrates the Top Hundred award for Italy’s 100 best wines.

Giovanna Ruo Berchera is a journalist, cooking teacher and holds courses focused on typical products, regional gastronomic traditions and healthy cuisine for professionals and enthusiasts on behalf of private schools, bodies and associations. In 2014, she held a series of “rural cooking” courses for GAL Media Valle d’Aosta. She creates menus for events and for hospital and company cafeterias where she also trains the personnel. She holds cooking shows at public events and does video recipes. She writes for various cooking magazines and is the author of books like Una Tavolozza di Sapori Regionali and Il tartufo nero a tavola. For the Bibliotheca Culinariam she was the editor of books by famous chefs and is co-author of various Papillon publications like Maramangio and 8 editions of Adesso.
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