L’occidentale – The Westerner

Melanie F.

€ 16,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 416
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-745-5

When the first child is born, every love story, even the happiest ones, becomes complicated. Then, if added to that is the fact of being in a country so different from one’s own – culture, religion, traditions – like the Arab Emirates, then the situation gets really difficult. This is Anna’s story. She is a Westerner married to an open-minded Muslim and they have a beautiful little boy, Amir. In a Dubai that is cubist, irreverent, phantasmagorical, tragic, wildly Disney-like, Anna battles with herself to succeed in being the beautiful trophy wife and the loving and attentive perfect mother, without becoming a dreadful Miss Manicure, an ornamental wife, focussed more on the colour of her nail polish than her kids: the kind who flanks every important husband. Set in scenes of A Thousand and One Nights, glamorous worlds, international jet setters, kandura clad sheiks and abaya clad women friends. Paradoxically, daily life is made of baby-bottles, sleepless nights and laundries screwed up by an endless parade of maids. The protagonist is incoherence personified, a synthesis of all of our civilization’s contradictions: married to one of the most famous men in Dubai and an imaginary socialist, Playboy bunny and philosopher, subservient and rebellious. From the penthouse in the most exclusive skyscraper in the city, she dreams about a feminist revolution. An entertaining and biting satire with a melancholy undercurrent about the unpredictability of love. And in the background, the cry of the Westerner, the blonde reporter that Anna would like to be again in order to denounce the dark and backward side of a society that despite its incredible development still belongs to the desert.

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