Son of
My life in the football world. In spite of everything

Alessandro Moggi

€ 13,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 128
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-742-4

A surname thorny for many and a long career in the football world. Alessandro Moggi, footballer’s agent and son of Luciano, the Juventus ex general manager, has lived many lives. In this book he openly talks about all of them, revealing secrets that according to many people shouldn’t be told. He travelled on private planes, and then his hair grew white. When he was a kid he was Maradona’s ball boy. When he was an adult, Maradona said to him, «If you get me back to Naples for my goodbye match, get me five million euros». He was Francesco Totti’s agent, and then they stole the job right under his nose. After the 2006 football scandal, he thought about suicide, and then he thought about his kids and changed his mind. He has seen presidents of A series clubs come to blows with their executives. And coaches, who attacked the Moggi family in the newspapers, but did business with him very secretly. He has lived through almost surreal negotiations like the one where Aurelio De Laurentiis said to the very powerful executives of the Paris Saint-Germain: «If you want Lavezzi, get the Emir of Qatar, the club’s owner, to give me an apartment in London» (too bad that the apartment in London was worth a lot more than Lavezzi). The football market is like the Far West, a Far West inhabited by strange characters and strange stories. In Figlio di Alessandro Moggi tells them all with all the names and surnames. His included.

The author
Alessandro Moggi was born in Civitavecchia on November 30, 1972. He is President of Gea World, a consulting firm operating in the sports world, and he is a footballers agent. He played in the Naples youth league and often worked out with Diego Armando Maradona. His father is Luciano Moggi, the ex general manager of Juventus.

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