You deserve love

Alessandra Appiano

€ 13,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 176
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-780-6

At a certain point in life it's possible that an unexpected and overwhelming passion catapults you into unknown territory. Cinzia is middle-aged and privileged; she knows the right people, has a good marriage and a creative job in upscale part of Milan. She's not happy, but she can't say she's unhappy. Emma, instead, still lives with her parents, while her peers already have grown-up children. She's never had a love story and lives in a small town where everyone knows everythlng about everybody. As she herself puts it, an unpresentable life. During a charity evening, Cinzia meets a man who courts her in such an unusual and surprising way that she falls head over heels in love. She is flooded by emotions and sensations that make her realize what had been missing in her life. Emma falls for a guy young enough to be her son; she loses her head and breaks her heart. He is the first member of the male sex to be loving with her. She trusts him completely, and he runs off with all her money. Cinzia and Emma were friends when they went to university, and even though they lost contact, after years they find each other again and their words and their stories intertwine as when they were girls. Until the surprising epilogue, so violent and absurd it feels like real life

The author
Alessandra Appiano is a writer, journalist, presenter and TV author. Her first novel, Amiche di salvataggio (Sperling&Kupfer) was a success with readers and won the 2003 Bancarella award. After that, she wrote Domani ti perdono, Scegli me, Le vie delle signore sono infinite, Le belle e le bestie, Il cerchio degli amori sospesi and Solo un uomo. She writes for numerous newspapers, is a reviewer for Donna moderna and Nuovo and writes about volunteer work on Il fatto She is frequently invited to participate in TV talk shows (Mattino 5, La vita in diretta, Torto o ragione?, Unomattina). She was awarded the Ambrogino d’oro in 2013 for her social commitment and since 2015, she is ambassador for Oxfam Italia.

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