God pardons with a caress

Don Antonio Mazzi

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Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 208
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-783-7

«Four years of Bergoglio would suffice to change things.» In March 2013, an anonymous cardinal confided his hopes for the imminent conclave to a journalist friend. Now, four years later, the words of the cardinal sound even more prophetic. Since his election to the papacy, Bergoglio, the revolutionary Pope, has changed the face of the Catholic Church. His revolution consists of unsettling words going against the mainstream that often get up the noses of the so-called “right-minded” and the ecclesiastic powers that be, but they have won over believers and nonbelievers of the entire world. And, if it is a revolution, who better than don Antonio Mazzi, the “priest against”, can be the spokesman of this Jesuit “from the end of the world” who takes the part of the underdogs? In this book, as he already did in Le parole di Papa Francesco che stanno cambiando il mondo, don Antonio draws on the Pope’s speeches to make a new dictionary – from the A of altruism to the V of visit to Milan, and including important entries like family, divorce, children – in order to create a coherent vision of Man and today’s society. Pope Francis’ language has once again placed the outcasts, including sinners and nonbelievers, at the centre of Christian life. Just as don Mazzi, champion of the outcasts, has at the centre of his life defending the last. The speeches of the Pope and don Mazzi are off the cuff and right from the heart. They are like two fathers talking to their children. Two voices to proclaim the Gospel of Christ.

The authors
Don antonio Mazzi (Verona 1929) was ordained in Ferrara in the Congregation of the Poor Servants of Divine Providence. He immediately began in-depth studies of pedagogy and psychology related to the developmental years and disabilities, taking specialized courses in Italy and abroad. Over the years, he has received three honorary degrees in pedagogy. From 1955 to 1984, in collaboration with public bodies and universities, he was the director of various initiatives for assistance and training for young people with problems. In 1989 he was assigned the Molino Torrette Farm inside Milan’s Lambro Park that became the headquarters of the Exodus Project. He still lives there in order to participate directly in the Foundation activities. He is a professional journalist and the author of numerous books: Le beatitudini del marciapiede (Monti, 2011), Il mondo e l’infradito, Come aiutare un figlio dopo averlo rovinato (both Edizioni San Paolo, 2011), Dio, mio amante (Cittadella Editrice, 2010), Educatori senza frontiere, diari di esperienze erranti (Centro Studi Erickson, 2013), Non mollare. Consigli per affrontare la vita (Mondadori, 2014). Cairo published his books, È severamente proibito fare figli, Lettere a Cristo Bambino (2014) and Le parole di Papa Francesco che stanno cambiando il mondo (2015).
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