Tell me about her

Michaela K. Bellisario

€ 15,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 240
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-796-7

Alexandra is 42. Her husband Andrea loves her and she likes her job. In the editorial department of the woman’s mag where she works, no one knows she’s five weeks pregnant. She is thrilled because she had stopped hoping; after all, she’s not a girl anymore. But now her dream of having a family is going to come true. Nine months fly by in bubbly happiness until, suddenly, the dream turns into ashes and suffering. Alexandra is unable to face this new reality of hers. She lives one day after another in a state of total emotional anaesthesia, desperately evoking the memories of her life before and coming up against what is left of it after. Andrea wants to help her accept the situation and, together with her, reconstruct what happened, but Alexandra does not want anything. Until a dramatic New Year’s Eve when the truth comes to light. It is a revelation that leads Alexandra to profound introspection and seeking a reason in the past. She finds intersecting fates and unimaginable karmic encounters. The book is a song to rebirth, a novel about pain, life and a voyage through the souls of people who have never been forgotten. Parlami di lei is a story about all of us.

The author
Michaela K. Bellisario is an Italian-Dutch journalist and writer. She lives in Milan and works for the website of Io donna, the woman’s section of Corriere della Sera. She writes about current events and costume. Her books published by Morellini Editore are Guida turistica per fashion victim (2008), Felici e conviventi, manuale per un’unione perfetta (2010), Tu non mi capisci, dizionario uomo-donna donna-uomo co-authored with Stefano Bonometti (2011), Amsterdam Women Friendly (2014) and Glam a 40 anni (2016). In 2016 she was one of the authors for the book Io sono il Nordest (Apogeo). The French house Rebondir published her manual, S’installer en Italie. She founded the site, dedicated to women in their forties. She is a Buddhist, loves cats and Asian films. Parlami di lei is her first novel.

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