Another clown’s opinion

Lorenzo Beccati

€ 13,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 160
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-837-7

It’s not a hobby for him, and it’s not an expedient for someone bored after trying tango lessons or an acting course. It’s a job. The only one he was able to invent after he was fired without warning at fifty-two. Tommasoni Egidio, with a wife and a kid to support, makes a living by being a clown: a temporary solution that’s lasted three years. Behind that big red fake nose, he cultivates his idiosyncrasies: he watches his city become increasingly evil day after day… just like him. Böll’s young clown smelled things on the phone but nothing escapes Tommasoni Egidio’s sensitivity sharpened by his daily ordeals. But in the suitcase Tommasoni always drags around along with his clown gear, he keeps a secret that is perhaps a way out of his situation. Merciless and tragicomical, pungent and politically incorrect, intense and irreverent, the heroic protagonist of this book calls by name everyhing that we pretend not to see in this world of fake wellbeing. And he gets to the heart of the problem with the power of a liberating laugh.

The authors
Lorenzo Beccati (Genoa 1955) is a TV author (among his many programmes, Drive In and Striscia la notizia) and has written various novels, mostly historical thrillers (the most recent one is Pietra è il mio nome, Aenigma).


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