The 5 Diet
Evelina Flachi

€ 15,00
Publisher: Cairo Editore
Pages: 224
ISBN/EAN: 978-88-6052-662-5

Hey, it happened again this year: we took a look in the mirror and weren’t very happy. We’d like to see ourselves in better shape and feel better, but we’re already depressed by the idea of giving up good food. Maybe we’ve been bitterly disappointed by some miracle diet that left us worse off than before. Well, it’s time to put our trust in something again. A number is enough: number 5. With the 5 Diet, in just five weeks we’ll have an ideal figure and, best of all, we’ll learn to eat taking care of ourselves. It’s a programme created by Evelina Flachi, a famous nutritionist and beloved consultant for the TV show Prova del cuoco, who has always been on the front line in the battle for food education The diet is laid out in five steps: depurative, metabolic, LOVE, total body and maintenance. For reducing your waistline, but also for normalizing blood pressure and cholesterol, controlling insulin levels that may cause abdominal fat, in order to stimulate the metabolism and physical and mental energy levels. That is the way to reach and keep not only your ideal weight, but also the psychophysical wellness that adds years to your life and more liveliness to your years. Created for losing extra weight in 5 weeks, the 5 Diet is based on combinations of various foods to avoid accumulating toxins and nutritional imbalances. It teaches you to eat by controlling the amounts, but more importantly, it focuses on low caloric density foods that furnish a balanced percentage of nutrients - proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibres, and vitamins/minerals – fundamental for protecting the body, while it eliminates high calorie “empty” foods. We don’t have to give up tasty dishes because Dr Flachi gives us traditional Italian recipes to prepare with special little touches (her famous “Flachi tricks”) that cut calories by half. Lasagne, spaghetti alla carbonara, cheese dumplings, aubergines alla parmigiana, everything strictly light! Because good health begins at the table and not much is needed to adapt our eating style to a healthier model. In only 5 weeks.

The author
Evelina Flachi, nutritionist and popular science guest on many programmes, specialized in 1978-79 in Food Science after her degree in Biology. A member of the most important national scientific associations of food science, for years she has promoted functional nutrition and cardiovascular prevention, and addressed the most common health problems resulting from being overweight or obese. She is President of the Food Education Italy Foundation and a member of the MIUR scientific technical committee for food education. She participated in the committee on “Food Education” in the Milan Charter that was given to Ban Ki-moon as an inheritance of the Expo. For years, she has curated food sections in important weeklies and monthlies and is a commentator and science popularizer on the radio and in TV. For 13 years she has run the section on food and health in Antonella Clerici’s TV show Prova del cuoco.